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Pradeepa Vivekananda

Gaurav a young talented and fast adaptive person who moulds himself in any work environment.More passionate for his work and has great knowledge in QA. It was great working with him during accreditation in Apollo Hospitals.

Hospital Administrator

Dr.Priyanka Rohatgi

An amazing blend of quality, innovation, energy, zeal, intelligence and charisma. Gaurav has always been a pleasure to learn from, he is not only focused on his approach to work but is truly a peoples person! His hard work and sincerity would take him miles and miles!!

Chief Clinical Dietitian at Apollo Hospitals

Dr. Abhimanyu Bishnu

Mr Gaurav Loria is an extremely competent and dedicated healthcare professional and one of the pillars of Quality in the Apollo Group. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with him. His organizational skills are par excellence, as seen at the International Patient Safety Conference, of which he is the key organizer. He has very good communication and technical skills, backed by sincerity and dedication. I am sure he will go a long way in his career. I wish him all the best.

Medical Consultant & Healthcare Management

Anshu Tandon

Gaurav is a dedicated person with a focus on detail. Highly self-motivated personnel; takes everyone virally under motivation. Long term vision with positive attitude seems remarkably paid off by multiple awards under his name.

B.Pharm, PGDBA, MHM |Certified Business Analyst - Advisor | Project Management| Divestiture| EAI |

Sunita Wilson

Gaurav Loria is one of the hardest working achievers with a focus on the goal assigned. His approach to a task is very prudent. With strong organizational skills and with the added talent of creativity, he’s brought forth solutions aiding the current issues with great success. The time & effort he puts is very much appreciable cause, it has created a lasting legacy of success in such a short span of his career. A team player with leadership skills creates an environment of co-operation & working with him is a pleasure. Here’s wishing him for many more future endeavours.

Hospital & Health Care Professional

Niharika Yadav

I have known Gaurav as a hard-working and a very responsibleperson. He is a team -player and a go-getter. He is a very motivated and effective person on the team.. asset in true sense.I wishhim all the very best for his future.

Manager -OT at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital

Shabnam Roohi

Gaurav is a highly motivated person and is passionate about quality. He has a keen eye for detail. He has been instrumental in Apollo hospitals group’s journey towards achieving and maintaining the high standards of quality. He is a team player and has excellent leadership qualities. I am proud to have worked with him.

Senior Consultant & Head Laboratory Medicine

Dr.G.V.R.K Acharyulu

As the faculty (Operations & Supply Chain Management) of the School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad, India, I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr Gourav Loria for the last ten years. Mr Gourav Loria is a dedicated student and thus far his grades have been good. In class, he has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them. Mr Gourav Loria has also assisted us in academic events like seminars and conferences. He has got excellent scholastic attitude and capacity to do independent research. He is highly resourceful to the academic and research environment. Mr Gourav Loria has the ability to learn quickly, hardworking with a lot of dedication and serious commitment to meet deadlines. Mr Gourav Loria good learner and definitely contribute to the body of health care knowledge. His drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment.

Professor-SCM, School of Management Studies, Program Coordinator- MBA(Healthcare), Vice President at ISDSI

Sachin Patidar

Gaurav, working with you have been a wonderful experience. The ease with which you get along the team and manages to get the details of everything is amazing. A complete thorough professional approach, knowledge and insight, team approach, multi-tasking and ability to get things executed makes you a natural leader. Also handling multiple assignments at a time is your expertise. All the very best.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Kayenat Sarwat

This is to highly recommend Gaurav Loria, Coordinator Quality- Apollo Group; Head Central Region at Apollo Hospitals. I had the privilege to work with him in the Quality Team, as his team member from August 2008 to December 2008. He did a fantastic job as a mentor, guide, boss and a friend. His entrepreneurial mindset and dynamic working style brought new ideas to his project groups as well as into the everyday work at Apollo Health City, Hyderabad. He came across extremely energetic, enthusiastic and full of life. His personality was not only magnetic but also inspiring to those around him and myself. His hardworking values and outgoing personality makes him a strong candidate and great addition to any company.

Product Manager (contract) at Providence Digital & Innovation at Providence St. Joseph Health

Pracheesh Prakash

Mr Gaurav Loria is a good friend and associate. During the two years that he has worked alongside me at Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad, he has always exhibited youthfulness and dynamism expected of a ‘quality’ man. Gaurav is a very effective salesman, a person who sells ideas with extreme effectiveness. He has been instrumental in several process improvements, their documentation, monitoring and dissemination to the entire group. He has not only handled traditional events well but also succeeded in organizing the most advanced ‘patient safety’ meets with ease. Mr Gaurav Loria is an honest, hard-working employee who has gained the respect and friendship of all those who worked with him. I wish him all success.

CEO EHCC Hospital Jaipur

Manisha Ghose

I have been acquainted with Gaurav for more than three years as a colleague at the Apollo Group of Hospitals. With my experience of about 12 years in the Healthcare Industry, I have come across a number of Leaderships & Managers in the industry. However, Gaurav has been able to create a distinct impression on my mind because of his unique strengths such as strategic thinking, analytical ability, performance improvement; work and process redesign, leadership education and skill-building; survey process and accreditation related education ,patient safety assessment; action planning, process mapping ,gap analysis and incorporating tracer methodology enthusiasm to take on new challenges & leadership skills which will help him to evolve as a successful leader in the healthcare industry. I like the ways he applies his knowledge rightly in any Venture. Highly appreciating!!

Manager,Quality Assurance at Apollo Gleneagles, Kolkata

Sheela Bollu

Gaurav and I worked during the internship and we are passed out of the same institute. He seeks truth in each and every area of his life, whether in learning, discussing, or relating to his fellow students and his teachers. Because of his positive disposition, his reflective way of operating, and all of the character traits that make him so special. I have watched him grow, seen his talents and abilities not only in the classroom but also in his career. Thank you once again for the opportunity to recommend such a special and impressive person.

Healthcare information technology Product Owner(CSPO)

J P Pattanaik (JP)

I know Gaurav over 8 yrs now. We belong to the same institute. I have carried out a few project assignments under his supervision. My summer project “Comparative Analysis of Discharge Process” carried out under his supervision was selected as one of the top 10 projects by a national summit. Apart from this, I have been immensely benefited through Gaurav’s guidance. The sincere approach we all need to learn from him.

Healthcare Management and IT Consulting

Karan Thakur

Gaurav is an excellent colleague who has the right skill sets to excel at any task or project assigned to him. He is self-motivated, a stickler to details and very thorough in his understanding of key issues around healthcare and quality. He is an excellent time manager who can multi-task and manage multiple projects in one go and I was very impressed with his organizational skills as he single-handedly organized a very successful International Congress on Patient Safety. I also have the good fortune of knowing Gaurav as a friend and he has been an excellent source of inspiration for all us.

Vice President - Operations & Communications at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Ravinder Uberoi

Gaurav is a super-efficient, hard-working person with lots of ofcredible experience under his belt. Known to charter unknown waters, he has always been successful in any initiative taken up by him. Its always been a pleasure working with him and I wish him the very best for the years to come. God bless.

Head of Medical Affairs and VP Quality at Parkway Pantai Group & Surveyor, Joint Commission International, USA

Imron Subhan

There is no negotiation with Gaurav, about hospital quality standards. They had to be implemented and adhered to. He has ensured top-quality patient care in our hospital.

Consultant Emergency Medicine Physician (Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad)

David Raju

Gaurav is one guy who is a combination of persistence and aggressive toward his tasks. I’ve been observing him for a couple of years in this healthcare industry, he is a constant achiever and many of his juniors take him as a role model towards his project execution skills.

Director - EHR & Optimization Solutions - CoE at Atos

Dr Samiullah S

He is dedicated to given assignments. Goal-oriented leads the quality department and extracts the work from the team by maintaining a cordial relationship with colleagues and subordinates. He will be an asset to any organization to improve the QUALITY OF SERVICES. Dr Sami

Units Head, Apollo Hospitals, Vizag

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