Expertise & Learnings


Expertise & Learnings


“His ideas are innovative & impressive at work. He has good content and can articulate out-of-the-ordinary ideas in such a way that people can comprehend. He is passionate about healthcare, healthcare quality, patient safety, clinical outcomes, healthcare literacy & leadership skills in management. He is also very eloquent on innovations in marketing, solutions marketing & competency management through storytelling & personal experiences, ” said a colleague about me.

When Airbnb was founded, CEO Brian Chesky was 27 years old. Steve Jobs was 25 years old when Apple went public. Bill Gates was only 20 when he founded Microsoft. I realised early on that need to imbibe and implement the traits that made them achieve amazing things at a young age despite the inexperience. Four mantras that have played a huge role in shaping and influencing my professional life are taking an initiative, decisiveness, perseverance and responsibility.

Focusing on these personality traits in my day to day job responsibilities from day one have helped me further my work. One other important personality trait that I have focused early on is judgement. As the popular Chinese philosopher, Han Fei Tzu says, “It is not difficult to know a thing; what is difficult is to know how to use what you know”. Under the able guidance and mentorship of Dr Prathap Reddy, Dr Sangita Reddy and Dr Hari Prasad, I was able to do innovate and implement multiple initiatives at Hospitals. Some of the first evers in the Indian healthcare industry that were implemented at Hospitals under my leadership include:

1) Lean Six Sigma implementation in improving clinical and operational outcomes
2) Clinical excellence – Apollo Clinical Excellence model & clinical pathways
3) Accreditation of hospitals spread across India
4) Safety culture compliance across the group
5) Effective use of sustenance tools
6) Consultant and patient engagement

With a significant shift in the healthcare landscape in India, there is a growing demand for cost-effective quality healthcare services which is what our entire focus has been for the last couple of years. I believe through these projects, we have tried to redefine the health system & processes and clearly laid out the preferred path for several key aspects, including adherence to treatment & care protocols, regulations, quality models, clinical as well as operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.” Gaurav Loria


  • Independent member IsQua
  • Associate Editor- Apollo Medicine- Scientific Journal of Elsevier
  • Reviewer- Elsevier, BMJ Open
  • Member of the Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation (ICHA)
  • Member of American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Guest Speaker at many conferences organized by CII, Indian Express, Hospital Management Asia to name a few
  • Faculty at Amity School, Medvarsity, AIHA, ESCI, ASCI, CII, HISICON & many other organizations & conferences.

My influencers

I believe admiration is all about loving with the mind, imbibe the best and still have your own style. Many leaders have existed who have given so much to the world in their own unique ways. Every individual teaches us something – a virtue, an act, an experience or a skill. If I have to name a few, I would say the following:

Dr Prathap C Reddy- His vision of providing healthcare when no private hospital existed has taken him a long way. His dedication to his work will power to touch a billion lives and get the best for our country is always so admirable.

Sir Richard Branson – Anyone who owns more than 400 companies and is worth billions of dollars is clearly doing many things right. Richard Branson’s tenacity and his personal brand are to be admired.

Indra Nooyi – not only led her company to record financial results but made strides to move PepsiCo in a healthier direction, leading the courageous charge to shed traditional fast food properties and to replace them with initiatives to supply healthier foods. Though she had stepped down, the strategies and virtues she established are always truly admirable.

Additionally, many others like the future thinking and innovative mindsets of Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg, leadership spirit of MS Dhoni and financial outlook of Warren Buffett always pull me to know more about them and their styles.