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“Apollo Q4E Application” is a first of its kind of mobile app dedicated specifically for Quality Systems. The application strives to bring the complete Quality Program to the fingertips of every staff with the convenience of using it in any kind of system like desktop, tabs or mobile phones. The application also intends to make the complete Quality Improvement journey paperless with the use of technology & automation, faster communications and lesser turnaround times.

Advantages –

  1. Reducing paperwork by enabling digital checklists for equipment's, crash carts to name a few.
  2. Continuous improvement in critical areas like compliance to incident reporting, reduction in reporting errors and increase in patient & employee satisfaction
  3. Accessibility of training modules, documents, policies, manuals, communications, etc. in a controlled manner to 100% of all the registered users
  4. External assessment/evaluation to measure the amount of implementation, validation of data collection process, continuous quality improvement and to recognize best practices
  5. Award & Recognition for units with the best compliance and innovative practices towards quality improvement.

Features –

  • The app is available in both Android as well as iOS versions, and can be downloaded by the employees of the organization for free of cost. Application is also available in the desktops in the form of a website
  • The application was developed for internal organizational usage with every employee in the HR database having direct access to the application using their employee codes and passwords.
  • Online Incident Reporting: easy access for the employees to report the incidents anytime and anywhere with a provision to track the progress of the reported incidents and closures in real time.
  • Focused Internal Audits
  • Emergency Code Mock Drills
  • Governance Committee - Documentation Governance Committee meetings & minutes
  • Surveys
  • Training & Events - Tracking trainings, evaluations and training contents
  • Communications & Gallery - Quick communication of reports, newsletters, etc. and platform for the units to showcase their best practices in the form pictures on a scrollable wall
  • Organizational documents, policies & manuals easily accessible at a touch of their fingertip, but in a controlled non-copy, non-printable format.

Rollout plan with timeline -

  1. Testing of the Quality App -The application was tested in detail by IT and a group of unit level quality personnel before the launch to identify and fix any UI issues. - Done
  2. Training of all unit Quality Personnel – 1st round of induction of Q4E App functionality – Done
  3. Pilot Testing of App by the unit Quality Teams in their respective units – 20th – 31st Aug
  4. Rollout – 1st Sep
  5. Query shooting – Every day 1 hour handholding calls for 3 weeks post App rollout
  6. Continual trainings to all the staff on data collection, importance and relevance of the application, especially in the induction program for every new employee who joins the organization.

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International Health Dialogue App

Apollo Hospitals is proud to host the International Health Dialogue (IHD) that brings together international hospital leaders, medical and information technology companies, public policy makers and government officials to discuss solutions to the leading global challenges in healthcare.

Through the two conferences - International Patient Safety Conference (IPSC) & Transforming Healthcare with IT (THIT) Conference Apollo Hospitals aims to share the best practices and learnings with the

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