Following are some of the noteworthy innovations in processes that have been implemented in various organizations:

Essentials of patient safety: Focusing on patient identification, prevention of patient falls, ensuring handwashing is done at all times and marking the surgical site before surgery.

Physician scorecards: Implemented to monitor clinical and non-clinical outcomes related to patients

Quality calendars: An innovative methodology to ensure sustenance of quality standards across the organization.

Project 365: Way to sustain standards at all times and remain patient and employee safe 24/7.

Project Excel: Costs are increasing and adding to the patient’s bill. On the other side, hospitals are not able to save money to add to their bottom line. This is an innovative way to identify non-value add activities, work on reducing costs and improve savings for an organization.

Lean Operation theatre: For improving the processes related to anaesthesia and surgery, identify waste and improve efficiency.

Ward as a unit: Productive ward that helps to improve communication, structure and processes at patient care unit levels and seamlessly improve outcomes.

There are many more related to improving outcomes, efficiency, revenue and satisfaction. Do drop in a line to know more.