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Nisha—a twenty-eight-year-old athlete from Kolkata—is busy training for a state-level sports event, which could be her

stepping stone to the forthcoming Olympics. A natural goal-setter and perfectionist, Nisha finds herself in a spot when she is taken sick on the second day of trials.

The world comes crashing down on her husband, Ram when he learns that Nisha’s medical condition would lead to her leg being amputated. Ram puts her under the care of the best surgeon in the country. The story takes a dramatic turn as the surgeon locks himself in his office and refuses to come out, despite the operation being a success.

Amidst all the pain, worry, tension and drama, what would be in store for Nisha? Would Ram and Nisha ever be happy again?

Confederation of Indian Industry

Certified Quality Cost Specialist

Feb 2021
Conditions apply

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Qualitinomics : Healthcare Quality Simplified

Well-researched and intricately structured, this handbook shines a light on Apollo’s unshakeable commitment to quality healthcare. Inside these pages, you will find an in-depth analysis of patient safety norms, covering everything from policies to processes and procedure.
In today’s fast-evolving world, it is essential to constantly outmatch our own impeccable standards. This book provides invaluable insights and ideas for achieving an excellent performance in this quest for quality for every healthcare professional.

Pages: 484
Available in: Hardback
Language: English

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The Smiles Behind the Mask Volume 2 The Smiles Behind the Mask Volume 2

Harper Collins · Feb 1, 2023

As nurses, doctors, administrators and staff members carry out small good deeds for patients, they prove that they care deeply, and most of all, that medical science is humane. When a staff member jumps in to save a patient when off duty, or when the food manager provides his own lunch to a starving patient, we realize that a hospital is more than just medical professionals; it comprises so many good-hearted people in one place.

Today, when healing has become a lot more than physical treatment, when mental health is gaining ground, Apollo and its team all over India is certainly on the path to embracing holistic healing techniques.

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The Smiles Behind the Mask- Volume 1The Smiles Behind the Mask- Volume 1

Harper Collins · Feb 1, 2022

The heroes of this book do not wear capes. They wear surgical masks. Inside these pages, you will meet fifty of them.

They are doctors, nurses, administrators and attendants of Apollo Hospitals-whose thoughtful, unexpected acts of kindness helped their patients in their hour of need. Birthday balloons in a ward, a warm send-off, a life-saving ambulance ride … small gestures that went a long way in replacing the clouds of illness with the sunshine of hope.

This book celebrates and salutes each one of these sterling staffers, who epitomize Apollo’s patient-centric culture and understand the true meaning of healing. The heroes of this book do not wear capes.

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