The Campaign


The primary objective of the campaign is to spread awareness about how a common man can participate in the process of healthcare delivery and help care providers—be it doctors, nurses, technicians, or other healthcare professionals—in curing us. The idea is to see how we can contribute to the process as individuals. It is all about doing it ‘together’. Here are a few things we can do.

  • Be proactive: Get your health check done at least once or twice a year to know your health status.
  • Sanitation is supreme: Sanitation is an integral part of healthcare delivery. In a country of 150 crores...where access to world-class healthcare for all is still a dream... where one doctor treats at least fifty patients a week, you cannot expect the care providers to be at their best, always. But if you do little things like asking them to clean their hands before touching you, it would not only save you from secondary infections but also help improve their reflexes in this regard.
  • Do not lie: Always keep your healthcare provider informed about your health and follow their advice. If you skip a dose of medicine or don’t follow some part of the advice, you must inform them as soon as possible so that they can find a way to bail you out.
  • Ask questions: Do not hesitate to communicate with your healthcare provider. You must be sure about the plan of care you have been prescribed. Asking questions helps in reducing ambiguity and is beneficial for all stakeholders.
  • Study your body: You must know about every medication that is prescribed to you. If something happens in the future, and you are in the care of someone else, you must know your health history well.
  • Seek clarifications: If there is any confusion, you must seek a focused meeting to get an update on the clinical outcome.
  • Be sure: You must not sign any document till you are 100% sure of its contents. You must know the risks, benefits and alternatives of procedures before signing any document.
  • Surgical site: If you are to undergo an operation, make sure the doctor confirms the surgical site in advance.
  • Be dynamic: Participate! Participate! Participate! Participate in the healthcare delivery process.

If we try doing the above, this would help to reduce errors in healthcare delivery and everyone would benefit from it. If people join the initiative and spread the word, it would help increase healthcare literacy. Let’s connect and make a difference. Remember: We are in it together!

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